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deadrobinssociety replied to your post:what i mean to say is:  canonically, lady shiva…

yeesss more people need to get onto the asian!jason todd train bc it is good

mixed jason who seeks out his bio-mom because he wants to know where he’s from, not because he’s looking for family

mixed jason who hates when bruce compares him to dick because they’re not fucking interchangeable

mixed jason who always sort of thinks of cass like a sister, even when he’s furiously denying the rest of the batfam

poor, mentally ill, mixed jason who fiercely works to try and change the system rather than following bruce’s lead and just sending lawbreakers to prison over and over

what i mean to say is: 

canonically, lady shiva was at one point suspected of being jason’s mother

also canonically, jason’s (at least passing) visual similarity to dick has been noted several times

i don’t know why either of these things would lead anyone to believe jason is white. eggs and bacon ur mistaken, my pals

some ways to check your ableism



  • never spray perfumes in public. 
  • never assume someone can walk with you somewhere. offer to drive, take a taxi or a bus. walking distance can mean different things to different people
  • never assume concepts are “easy.” easy can mean different things to different people
  • never sit in seating for designated disabled passengers. 
  • never complain about someone in front of you going slow or having to wait for someone who is moving slower than you. you don’t know what their needs are. 


  • Don’t use disabled parking spaces, they’re there for a reason, some of us really need them.
  • Don’t use disabled toilets if there are also regular toilets (I know sometimes in a lil cafe there will be one toilet and it’ll be accessible but also for abled people im not talking about that just to be clear).
  • Don’t push someone’s wheelchair without permission. You wouldn’t pick someone up and move them without asking them would you? or grab some and pull them somewhere, so don’t push someone’s wheelchair until they’ve said it’s okay.
  • Don’t smoke outside hospitals (people do this, all the time, it needs to stop) or around people you don’t know.

people still fancasting white ppl for jason todd: no. stop. 

faecatgirl replied to your photo: “don’t think there’s supposed to be this much onion”:

on the other hand i dont think you can really have too much onion

words of wisdom from ellie faecatgirl

don’t think there’s supposed to be this much onion

faecatgirl replied to your photo:update: i have the box

*brad pitt voice* whats in the booooox D:

this is the largest onion i have ever seen in my life