favorite blogs?

at the moment i’m in deep with new warriors, so: terryscassidy, cheshineko, sam-alexanders, kymaeras, vance-astrovik and everybody else fighting the cancellation. 

i also follow a lot of art blogs, a couple of recipe blogs, and then i have all of my friends’ blogs as well. i mean i’m happy to give recs, i just need a bit more specificity. i have too many faves to pick a generalised top ten.

guess i’m now dating like six people. welp.

are you all liking that post because you want to be our girlfriend

i’m going to assume so


Batnappin’ after a long night of crimefightin’

You’ve escaped, and you think the world’s a huge place, and you can hide anywhere, right? I’m here to tell you… that world? I own it. Your world is getting smaller by the second. And you can’t hide anywhere from me. Every database, every security cam, and every police band has my fingerprints on it. Every moment you’re out the noose pulls tighter. And Savant, just in case it’s not crystal clear by now… Nobody messes with my partner.



who wants to be my girlfriend and also my boyfriend’s girlfriend

this is like those offers on tv where u get one product for 19.95 but then they throw in a smaller crappier product u dont really want but it makes it a 40 dollar value and at 2 in the morrning it sounds like a really good idea that u cant pass up

who wants to be my girlfriend and also my boyfriend’s girlfriend

fangirl challenge [2/5] movies: now you see me

“When a magician waves his hand and says, “This is where the magic is happening.” The real trick is happening somewhere else. Misdirection.”

[tsundere voice] say 5 nice things about yourself but it's not like i like you or anything

1) i am very good at pronouncing ‘??!?!’ in my head

2) i have excellent taste in trash tv

3) im p good at art also

4) i put in a lot of effort to projects

5) i push through anxiety to try new things sometimes